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Support for Specifying Fire Protection Engineers

  • Master Product Specifications for Corrosion Control Equipment
  • Engineered Corrosion Solutions CAD drawings for incorporation into design drawings
  • Product Specification Sheets

Master Specifications – As more is learned about the management of fire sprinkler system corrosion specifying engineers are integrating corrosion control equipment into fire sprinkler design documents for their clients. We have prepared the appropriate specifications written in the Standard AIA Master Specifications format for two (2) specific applications: Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems and Dry/Preaction Fire Sprinkler Systems. The ECS Master Specifications provide the following:

Part 1 General

1.01 – Description of Work
1.02 – References
1.03 – Quality Assurance
1.04 – Regulatory Requirements

Part 2 Products

2.01 – Piping
2.02 – Joining of Pipe and Fittings
2.03 – Corrosion Management Products

Part 3 Execution

3.01 – Coordination With Other Trades
3.02 – Supervision and Training
3.03 – Corrosion Products/Systems Commissioning Protocol

The ECS Master Specifications are updated regularly to provide the latest developments for incorporation in project design documents.

ECS CAD drawings – In addition to dimensional drawings and specifications regarding the full suite of ECS products, Autocad files and drawing details are also available for incorporation into design drawings.

Product Specifications Sheets – All ECS products have specification sheets that include the following information:

  • Description of the product function
  • Patents granted (if applicable)
  • Approvals (if applicable)
  • Dimensional drawings
  • Power requirements (if applicable)
  • Installation instructions
  • Maintenance protocols