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engineering team with blueprintsAll ECS business functions are focused on identifying, characterizing, remediating and managing corrosion in water based fire sprinkler systems. We are leading innovators in the field of fire sprinkler corrosion control and provide clients with the most current information and technology available. Our service-oriented approach ensures that clients are educated throughout each step of their project so they can make well informed and cost effective decisions that address their greatest risks.


Our engineers understand the environments, practices and conditions that lead to accelerated damage of water based fire sprinkler system from oxygen corrosion.  We provide the combined resources of a cross functional matrix of engineering disciplines including fire protection engineers, chemists, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers all focused on managing fire sprinkler system corrosion.  The ECS team can provide the corrosion management expertise to assist you in the following areas:


Corrosion Management Consulting Services

  • Plan for implementation of Wet Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (WPNI) and Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (DPNI) on the fire sprinkler systems
  • Design of specific plan for the equipment that will be needed to protect the fire sprinkler systems
  • Specify installation protocols for the corrosion management equipment
  • On-site commissioning of the equipment
  • Training of the facilities maintenance personnel

Fire Sprinkler System Corrosion Assessment Services

  • Ranking of corrosion risks among the suite of properties and fire sprinkler systems within your existing facilities
  • Evaluating the extent of corrosion damage in your sprinkler systems – video scoping and pipe sampling evidence coupled with failure history
  • Preparing a plan for remediation and repair of your existing sprinkler systems
  • Working with your facilities management or contractor team to deploy a comprehensive corrosion management strategy for all of your sprinklered facilities

Analytical Services

  • MIC testing to determine the extent of microbial contamination within the system
  • Pipe sampling and analysis to determine the extent of pipe wall loss and pipe replacement recommendations
  • Failure analysis on piping that has had leaks
  • Deposit sampling and analysis to determine the exact nature of solids material from inside the fire sprinkler system piping
  • Water analysis to evaluate the chemical nature of the fire supply water

Sprinkler Design Review Services

  • Fire sprinkler system design review – are your systems designed to reduce corrosion risk?
  • Our engineers work with architects and specifying engineers to design for corrosion control in new construction and retrofit projects
  • Materials selection for fire sprinkler system components