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Our research investigations over the past several years have focused on identifying and understanding the root causes for corrosion in fire sprinkler systems.  Much effort was spent in the field collecting and analyzing water, deposit, and pipe samples along with leaking sprinklers, corroded valves and other damaged sprinkler system components.  The results of our field work combined with laboratory studies led to recognition that the regular introduction of oxygen gas in both wet pipe and dry pipe fire sprinkler systems was the root cause for the corrosive deterioration and premature failures that were occurring.

The results of our research led us to develop a product line that addresses the root cause of corrosion while displaying full compatibility with all components of fire sprinkler systems. The information provided in our resources section represents the culmination of several years of corrosion research and product development performed by Engineered Corrosion Solutions. We offer this material to increase the awareness of both corrosion risks and corrosion control options in the fire protection industry.

Our most popular resources: