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Property Management

office buildingProperty owners and managers such as Prologis, The Irvine Company, Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago, and the Government Services Administration utilize our corrosion management products and services in their buildings and structures.

We also assist our property owner and manager clients with fire sprinkler system due diligence prior to completing the purchase of a new property. While sprinkler system maintenance and service records may be available, they do not provide a complete picture. In the absence of performing a sprinkler system assessment a property owner or manager does not know the true condition of the fire sprinkler system and if it has experienced internal corrosion damage that will eventually result in significant unforeseen costs.

ECS has worked with property managers and owners who possess a diverse collection of building and structure types including:
  • warehouses
  • multi-tenant retail centers
  • parking garages
  • high rise buildings
  • mass residential buildings
  • aircraft hangars