The ECS Advantage.


  • Accurate alternative to measuring simulated corrosion at the riser.


  • Find out if your corrosion control system is doing its job.


  • Quickly identify nitrogen gas concentration.

Lead time

  • All products shipped within 72 hours.

Monitoring Products

In-Line Corrosion Detector

The only UL listed corrosion monitoring device for fire sprinkler systems.

  • Continuous real-time electronic monitoring
  • No coupons necessary – install where corrosion actually occurs.
  • Use included remote test station or any alarm system
  • Roll-grooved for easy installation & removal
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Smart Gas Analyzer

Use the SGA-1 to continuously monitor the purity of the gas in the system.

  • Monitoring contacts
  • Digital display
  • Compact riser-room monitoring
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Inspector Monitoring Station

Proven technology to measure metal loss at the sprinkler riser.

  • Uses weight loss coupons
  • Optional electronic monitoring probe.
  • Easy installation at the riser.
  • Sight glass provides visibility within corrosion chamber
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Handheld Gas Analyzer

Quickly and easily verify gas purity in all dry and wet fire sprinkler systems.

  • Battery powered
  • Portable design
  • One-touch calibration
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