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Every fire sprinkler system is at risk for corrosion, but that doesn’t make system failure inevitable. Oxygen, which is the main cause of corrosion, is pervasive in every fire sprinkler system – but it can be eliminated.

The current practice is to repair leaks over and over again, often leading to more system replacements than needed. In fact, our experience has shown that 80% of the piping replaced during a repair shows no signs of corrosion, making this method expensive and unnecessary. It can be a crippling experience when you also take into account the significant disruption to business during extensive replacement projects.

ECS offers a full range of industry leading products that have revolutionized fire sprinkler system corrosion management, both in dry pipe and wet pipe systems. We also prove our effectiveness with the best corrosion monitoring products on the market.

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Major companies such as Apple, Bank of America, IKEA, American Express, Edward Jones, Sam’s Club and Home Depot trust the performance and reliability of our products to reduce corrosion and save money on expensive repairs. 

We use nitrogen to eliminate the “repair and replace” approach that daunts property owners. Using nitrogen to remove corrosive oxygen saves 75-90% of the replacement cost for a new fire sprinkler system.

Our unique approach to corrosion management caught the attention of Facebook, and now they trust our products to protect user information in all of their data centers around the world.