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ECS In-Line Corrosion Detector

  • Fire Sprinkler Industry’s ONLY listed corrosion monitoring device
  • Monitors internal corrosion activity in wet, dry, and pre-action fire sprinkler systems
  • Effective as a stand-alone monitoring device or in conjunction with a corrosion management system
  • U.S. Patent No. 9,095,736

The ECS In-Line Corrosion Detector (model ILD) is designed to provide an early warning indication that the corrosion rate within fire sprinkler system piping is at an unacceptable level. The in-line detector is the first true in-situ corrosion monitoring device designed for the fire sprinkler industry that effectively addresses NFPA 13 corrosion monitoring requirements. No coupons, no simulated environments, and no costly testing required.

Download the the ECS In-Line Corrosion Detector case study that documents device performance in a mission critical environment.

How It Works

Thin wall section inside pressure chamber

Thin wall section inside pressure chamber

  • Proper In-Line Corrosion Detector model is selected to match pipe size, schedule and material of system piping at installation location
  • Device is installed where corrosion is most likely to occur: pockets of trapped air in wet systems (branch lines), pockets of trapped water in dry systems (mains)
  • Corrosion activity is detected when thin wall section is breached, exposing intermediate chamber to system pressure and activating pressure switch
  • Detection of corrosion activity requires follow up investigation before additional leaks occur and pipe replacement is necessary


  • Provides early warning detection in mission critical environments where contamination and water leaks are not acceptable
  • Provides 360° coverage for corrosion detection in both wet and dry pipe environments
  • Live, real-time notification of corrosion activity via local or panel notification
  • Does not require scheduled replacement of test coupons

ILD Remote Test Station


  • Rated up to 175 PSIG
  • Push-button feature on remote test indicator for local notification
  • Milled thin wall section of device is 40 mils (0.04 in.) thick for early warning detection without hydraulic obstruction
  • Included pressure switch is UL listed/FM approved for use in fire sprinkler systems
  • Device is roll grooved for easy installation and removal
  • Available in multiple configurations with sizes 1″ thru 6″, black steel or galvanized steel, and schedule 10 or schedule 40