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ECS Protector Portable Nitrogen Generator System

  • Designed for use with wet pipe fire sprinkler systems to provide immediate on demand nitrogen supply during Wet Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (WPNI) process
  • Custom manufactured to meet client needs – trailer mount or truck mount configurations available

The ECS Protector Portable Nitrogen Generator System is designed to displace oxygen, which causes corrosion, with nitrogen gas inside wet pipe fire sprinkler systems. Any trapped gas remaining in the system after WPNI is not corrosive. Designed for use with an
ECS Protector Nitrogen Inerting Vent installed on each wet pipe system.

Download our Wet System Product Selection Guide to learn more about the equipment and processes needed to control corrosion. 


  • Safest source of high volume nitrogen gas for large buildings or campus facilities where high pressure cylinders are not practical
  • Reduces time and labor required to complete WPNI process
  • Equipped with reliable ECS gas separation membrane technology to ensure durable and reliable source of nitrogen gas  


  • High capacity ECS Protector Nitrogen Generator for fast fill times
  • 2-stage splash lubricated air compressor
  • Gas powered 4-stroke generator for mobile use
  • Air receiver tank and nitrogen storage tank for uninterrupted gas supply
  • Pressure rated hose and reel to safely deliver nitrogen inside buildings