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ECS Protector SMART Gas Analyzer

Sprinkler System Gas Monitoring Benefits

  • Provides live system data of corrosion-causing oxygen levels in the fire sprinkler system
  • Notifies user if nitrogen generator has failed or been manually bypassed
  • 10-year lifespan

Sprinkler System Gas Monitoring Features

  • Used in conjunction with ECS Protector Vent to provide source gas (PAV-D or PSV-D)
  • Zirconium oxide sensor
  • 120V AC or 24V DC input voltage
  • Available outputs: 0-5V DC or 4-20mA
  • Also includes contact closure outputs

Installation Requirements

  • Input/output wiring connections
  • Permanent mounting of device adjacent to vent supplying gas source (at fire sprinkler riser)
  • Connect to ECS Protector Vent with 5/32″ tubing (provided by ECS)
  • One SMART Gas Analyzer (SGA-1) is recommended per nitrogen source (generator)

Alternate Monitoring Equipment

For a non-permanent method of fire sprinkler system gas monitoring refer to the ECS Protector Handheld Gas Analyzer. This battery powered portable monitoring device can be used to manually verify output concentration from the nitrogen generator and nitrogen concentration within the fire sprinkler system.