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ECS Protector Manual Vent

  • For dry pipe and pre-action fire sprinkler systems
  • Rated up to 175 PSIG
  • For use under U.S. Patents 8,720,591, 9,144,700, 9,186,533, and 9,610,466

The ECS Protector Manual Vent (model PAV-D) provides automatic gas venting in dry pipe and pre-action fire sprinkler systems. As a fire sprinkler system is filled with a continuous supply of nitrogen gas from the nitrogen generator, the ECS Protector Manual Vent allows oxygen rich gas to be purged from the fire sprinkler system. Over a short period of time the device will almost completely remove oxygen from the fire sprinkler system.


  • Reduces corrosion by removing oxygen from the sprinkler system
  • Simple and reliable mechanical design
  • Vent automatically closes when water reaches the device


  • Manual ball valve allows vent to be closed once desired nitrogen concentration has been reached; reduces run time of nitrogen generator and air compressor
  • Back pressure regulator failsafe prevents vent from depressurizing system below low pressure alarm or trip pressure levels
  • Gas sampling port provides access point to measure gas concentration with ECS Protector Handheld Gas Analyzer
  • In-line filter prevents particulate from obstructing restricted orifice
  • Temperature range: 40-120 degrees F (4.5-49 degrees C)

Installation Notes

  • Install the vent on the fire sprinkler system riser on the system side of the main control valve
  • The vent can also be installed to supply a gas sample stream for the ECS Protector SMART Gas Analyzer (SGA-1)
  • Do NOT install in a location downstream of a water trap
PAV-D Riser