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Internal Pipe Video Inspections

As a part of any comprehensive fire sprinkler system corrosion assessment program a video scope is used to collect visual evidence of corrosion activity inside the system. A pipe inspection using video scoping inside the fire sprinkler system piping provides for in-situ observation of the following:

  1. Visual evidence of trapped air in wet pipe fire sprinkler systems and trapped water in dry pipe fire sprinkler systems
  2. Visual evidence of solids accumulations within the piping – color, texture and location of the solids build-up within the piping
  3. Visual evidence of corrosion damage, tuberculation and metal loss on the piping – useful in the selection of locations for pipe replacement and/or flushing
  4. Visual evidence of piping or sprinkler orifice obstructions that would prevent system actuation during a fire

Due to the highly localized nature of corrosion in fire sprinkler systems we believe that other non-destructive methods of pipe investigation are severely limited in their ability to reproduce the wealth of data provided from an internal video inspection. Learn more about our corrosion assessment program here.

Wet Pipe Inspection

6 year old system, schedule 7 black steel pipe installed in a warehouse

Dry Pipe Inspection

8 year old system, schedule 10 galvanized steel pipe installed in a parking garage