The ECS Advantage

Industry Experts

  • Experienced team of Corrosion Engineers
  • Existing system analysis and independent reporting
  • Industry recognized innovations and patents

Critical Solutions

  • Minimize equipment installation in high-risk environments
  • Easy deployment and maintenance for maximum uptime
  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities


  • Direct from Manufacturer
  • Work with your preferred service provider
  • Available turnkey solutions with an ECS partner service provider
Just the numbers.

Case Study

An aerospace manufacturing facility was experiencing significant leaks that exposed high-value equipment to potential permanent damage and put delivery to customers at risk. Working with their service contractor, ECS put together a plan to assess the condition of the system and mitigate future risk due to corrosion. Read more.

  • Assessments were performed on 25 sprinkler systems, and a full analytical report was provided.
  • Presented with the data, the manufacturer chose to perform Wet Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (WPNI).
  • As a result, all leaks were eliminated.
  • Complete system replacement was prevented, resulting in millions saved.

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