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fire sprinkler nitrogen generatorHow do you stop corrosion in dry pipe sprinkler systems?

Engineered Corrosion Solutions invented Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (DPNI) to create dry sprinkler system corrosion solutions and eliminate corrosion in fire sprinkler systems. Simply stated, DPNI is a dilution process that replaces oxygen, which causes corrosion, with nitrogen as the pressure maintenance gas in dry and pre-action fire sprinkler systems.

What equipment is needed for DPNI?

Three essential components are required:
  1. A continuous source of 98% nitrogen gas (nitrogen generator)
  2. A riser-mount integral venting device to remove oxygen
  3. A system to control the breathing process

Download our DPNI Product Selection Guide to determine the equipment that’s right for your project.

Advantages of the ECS DPNI Solution

As a technology and intellectual property leader in the fire sprinkler industry, Engineered Corrosion Solutions provides a corrosion control system that offers distinct advantages over simply purchasing equipment from a product manufacturer:
  • Patented “fill and purge” breathing for complete gas exchange provides fastest method for elimination of oxygen within fourteen (14) days
  • All corrosion control equipment is located in the riser room, not at inaccessible and potentially critical remote system locations
  • Non-continuous venting to prevent introduction of unnecessary oxygen and limit equipment run time
  • Plug & play equipment to minimize installation time and simplify project coordiation
  • Longest track record of using nitrogen to eliminate corrosion in the fire sprinkler industry

Defend your fire sprinkler system against leaks

A dry pipe fire sprinkler system contains abundant oxygen from the supervisory air compressor. Oxygen creates corrosion. Corrosion creates leaks and leaks create problems. These aren’t theories or myths. They’re science. And science provides a solution. Remove the oxygen and you correct the problem.

Engineered Corrosion Solutions solves problems. Using chemistry and physics as its foundation, ECS delivers true solutions for corrosion challenges in dry pipe fire sprinkler systems. We prevent leaks from ever happening. Our solutions are based on science and the results are dramatic.

Nitrogen is Proven, Safe, and Effective — Dry Sprinkler System Corrosion Solutions

Nitrogen gas has been used for decades to prevent corrosion in power generation, oil and gas, and several other industries. Engineered Corrosion Solutions introduced nitrogen inerting technology to the fire sprinkler industry in 2008 and since that time it has seen wide adoption and acceptance by contractors, engineers, owners, and fire officials.

Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting is completely safe and fully compatible with all fire sprinkler system components. Additionally, DPNI equipment does not interfere with the normal fire sprinkler system operation and requires no system design modifications. DPNI can be used in both new and existing construction.

Engineered Corrosion Solutions saves fire sprinkler systems that have been damaged by corrosion and stops leaks from reoccurring. Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting results in at least a 95% reduction in corrosion activity which substantially increases the service life of the fire sprinkler system and reduces associated corrosion risks.