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Do not allow leaks in your Data Center to create unnecessary and expensive downtime and outages. Fire sprinkler system leaks represent significant risks, but they are PREVENTABLE.

Engineered Corrosion Solutions provides data center owners and operators with the tools necessary to eliminate those risks. ECS Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (DPNI) technology provides Data Centers with more than just a nitrogen generator – it is a complete corrosion management solution, the data center nitrogen generators.

White Paper: Managing Fire Sprinkler System Risk in a Mission Critical Data Center Setting
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Galvanized Pipe Leak on Data Center Sprinkler Feed Main

Cooling/HVAC systems present only one potential source of leaks and water damage in the data center environment. Water-based fire sprinkler systems represent an even greater risk due to their presence above all critical facility areas like data halls, UPS/battery rooms, generator rooms, etc. Leaks related to corrosion in fire sprinkler systems present several risks:

  • Business continuity
  • Equipment damage
  • Life safety

ECS was the first to recognize the acute vulnerability of galvanized pipe used in preaction fire sprinkler systems, which are the most common fire suppression systems found in data centers.

Click here to learn more about the risks associated with galvanized pipe.

Mission Critical Experience

ECS has developed industry-leading technology and built its business in the mission critical industry so we are acutely aware of the inherent risks faced by data center owners and operators. We are uniquely positioned as a total solution and risk management provider rather than a product supplier. Our core philosophies center on optimization of uptime and elimination of unplanned downtime. With our combination of industry-leading technology, corrosion risk consulting, and superior service there is great value in a partnership with Engineered Corrosion Solutions.

Benefits of ECS Technology

As the first source to identify oxygen corrosion as the primary cause of fire sprinkler pipe leaks ECS established itself as the De Facto Standard in Fire Sprinkler Corrosion Control. Our innovations have resulted in the highest level of corrosion control available:
  • Nitrogen generators use patented “fill and purge” breathing method assuring oxygen will be eliminated in 14 days or less
  • All equipment, including vents, are located in the sprinkler riser room to minimize risk and reduce disruption in critical areas
  • SMART vents automatically close when desired nitrogen concentration is reached, limiting continuous oxygen exposure inside system piping
  • Continuous gas analyzers that provide gas concentration data from the nitrogen source, ensuring system integrity
  • Patented ECS In-Line Corrosion Detector provides most effective and continuous corrosion monitoring available

Corrosion Risk Consulting

One of the primary consulting services that ECS provides for property operators is corrosion risk consulting. We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate a portfolio of properties and identify the highest risks for immediate action. Our approach allows the property operator to allocate budget resources in a manner that reduces risk exposure as efficiently as possible.

Click here to view our Return on Investment Document (ROI) document to understand the costs associated with Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting vs. sprinkler system repair and replacement ECS is also experienced in assessing fire sprinkler systems to identify key opportunities for risk reduction and cost savings. We can identify corrosion risks before leaks happen! When it is determined that a fire protection system requires pipe replacement, ECS evaluates the system and identifies localized corrosion to minimize unnecessary pipe replacement.


Using ECS as the preferred provider of nitrogen generators leverages our other consulting and analytical services through a single point of contact. ECS takes a multidisciplinary engineering approach that allows us to scientifically analyze all aspects of corrosion in fire sprinkler systems before applying an engineering process to create customized solutions. An added benefit of ECS’s approach ensures that every project will be individually evaluated, designed and commissioned by an experienced engineer, not a salesperson.

ECS has a dedicated manufacturing facility where all of our equipment is manufactured and tested prior to shipment. By controlling all of our manufacturing in-house we are able to ensure the highest level of product quality. We are able to provide exceptional product lead time that guarantees shipment of equipment within seventy-two (72) hours of receiving a Purchase Order. In recognition of response time expectations in the mission-critical setting we also stock component parts to allow for any warranty or service part to be shipped to within twenty-four (24) hours.