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Analytical Services

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Engineered Corrosion Solutions offers a variety of analytical services to identify the root cause and severity of internal corrosion in fire sprinkler systems and to support sprinkler system condition assessment activities:
  • MIC testing to determine the extent of microbial contamination within the sprinkler system
  • Pipe sampling and analysis to determine the extent of pipe wall loss and pipe replacement recommendations
  • Failure analysis on piping that has experienced leaks
  • Deposit sampling and analysis to determine the exact nature of solids material from inside the fire sprinkler system piping
  • Water analysis to evaluate the chemical nature of the fire supply water
Complete testing kits are provided and contain all the items necessary to properly collect, package and ship corrosion samples to an independent laboratory for testing. Each kit includes simple instructions and a toll-free help line if more assistance is needed. All ECS analytical service laboratory testing is conducted by an independent accredited laboratory and reviewed by ECS’s technical staff. Testing results are accompanied by a report explaining the results and providing recommendations for next steps including internal corrosion remediation and prevention methods for your fire sprinkler systems.