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We have a large mall client with 36 wet pipe sprinkler systems that was experiencing leaks on a monthly basis. After implementing the Wet Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (WPNI) process, the client has only had one leak in the past 32 months. WPNI was the miracle cure for their leak issues.”

– Rob Emmerson

   Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers

   Ocoee, FL

Using nitrogen is the first approach to wet system corrosion that really makes sense. ECS provided the training to help us deploy this treatment to our market and it has been very well received by our customers.”

– Jerry Allen

   Western States Fire Protection

   Austin, TX

I’ve been working with ECS for over 5 years. Their Wet Pipe Nitrogen Inerting process is simple and effective. When I use nitrogen on a system the leaks stop. The results speak for themselves and I recommend it to all my customers.”

 – Mike Haase

   COSCO Fire Protection

   Brea, CA

“I have been directly involved with multiple installations of the ECS Pre-Engineered Nitrogen Generator. I found their engineers to be very helpful and responsive both before and after the product sale. My clients are very pleased with the ECS equipment installed at their facilities and have reported no additional corrosion problems.”

– Jay Ways

   USA Fire Protection

   Lake Forest, IL

“Our client was very pleased and impressed with your [analytical] report.  We found the photos and the detailed piping analysis very interesting and informative… our client has presented our recommendations supported by the ECS report to their Board for review.”


 – Bob Mellohusky
   Pennoni Associates Inc.
   Philadelphia, PA

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