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ECS Ejector Automatic Air Vent

  • For wet pipe fire sprinkler systems
  • Rated up to 175 PSIG
  • U.S. Pat. No. 8,636,023


This product provides automatic venting of trapped air in wet pipe fire sprinkler systems.  Trapped air contains oxygen which is the primary cause of corrosion in sprinkler systems. As a fire sprinkler system is filled with water, trapped air migrates to the high remote portion of the system where the vent is located, releasing the air. 


FM Approved

  • Reduces corrosion by removing oxygen from the sprinkler system
  • Helps reduce false waterflow alarms created by large pockets of compressed gas in the sprinkler system
  • Vent automatically closes when water has reached the device
  • Redundant float valve design eliminates need to plumb to drain


  • Air Vent is available in two models: the PAV-W (no wiring) and PAV-WS (includes wiring for monitoring connection)
  • Water indicator located inside sight glass is designed to be visible from the floor up to 30 feet below the vent to indicate if primary float valve has failed
  • Temperature range: 30-120 degrees F (4.5-49 degrees C) 
  • Brass fittings allow device to be used in areas subject to external corrosion
  • Only FM approved vent for fire sprinkler systems 

Installation Notes 

  • Model PAV-WS requires a single contact rated 24V AC/DC @ 2A for electronic monitoring with an EOLR (end of line resistor), detailed in product literature
  • If a location for the vent isn’t provided on project design documents, vent can be installed at an accessible remote high point on the system where sight glass is visible from below
  • Do NOT install in location downstream of water trap