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About Us

ECS_ProductLOGO_BUGonlyEngineered Corrosion Solutions, LLC is in the risk management business. We assist our clients in understanding and managing risk associated with corrosive attack of fire sprinkler system piping. The risks associated with corrosion in fire sprinkler systems include life safety risk, structure risk, property risk and business continuity risk. Corrosion in fire sprinkler systems leads to plugging problems, reduced sprinkler performance, water leak damage and reduced service life of the systems.


Our goal is to define and understand the root causes of corrosion in sprinkler systems and to develop devices, systems and management approaches that can reduce risk and provide cost-effective long term performance from the fire sprinkler systems.


We strive to be recognized within the fire protection industry as the leading edge innovators in the science of corrosion control in fire sprinkler systems. To that end we foster and reinforce an environment of continuous improvement of our products and services. We strive to actively demonstrate the value of our technology in mitigating risk through cost-effective application of our solutions.